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Cleaning supplies fit for royalty.

You have found your one stop for all of your cleaning and maintenance needs. We have everything to sweep, mop, dust, scrub, wipe, clean, paint, caulk, tape, cut, and protect. We carry high quality products at a good value. Please remember that we sell wholesale only. We offer our catalog and the industrial brush catalog for download in pdf format. Acrobat Reader is needed to view these catalogs. If your computer does not have it loaded, please go to the website listed below and download it for free.

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Brooms, Supermaid Mops and Mop Heads

At Royal Broom & Mop Factory, Inc., brooms, mops, and mop heads are our specialty. We offer a full line of brooms including bristles of: all corn, corn/yucca blend, all yucca, and plastic. We have brooms of all types such as: household, warehouse, whisk, toy, lobby, and angle. Our Supermaid brand includes stick mops available in cotton, fine cotton, multicolored fine cotton, and rayon. Be sure to ask about our private label program on bulk stick good orders. In mop heads, yarns offered include: cotton, rayon, blended looped end, colored looped end, and striped floor finishing yarns. Most yarns are available in both regular wet mops and screw type. Sponge mops are a popular alternative to yarn mops. All of our brooms, mops, and mop heads are available in many different sizes. And of course, many different types of handles are available for all. We also offer household and industrial dust mop heads, frames, and handles. Please download the catalog below for more information.
Royal Broom Catolog



Industrial Brushes

To further complete our product line, we are a master distributor for Magnolia Brush which is a domestic manufacturer and importer of industrial and household brushes. Products offered include brushes for: acids, asbestos, auto detail, barbeque, bottles, bowls, carpet, cleaning, coating, coffee urn, concrete finishing, corners, counters, decks, fenders, floor, garage, kalsomine, mason's acid, wallpaper, parts, paste, rug, scrubbing, seal coat, spokes, streets, stucco, tar, texture, tile, truck wash, side walls, white wash, window, and wire scratch. Brushes made of: horsehair, nylon, palmyra, polypropylene, polystyrene, tampico, union fiber, and wire. Also available are tubs, pails, washboards, trash cans, squeegees, and wax applicators. Please download the brush catalog below for more information.

Brush Catalog




Other Products

Royal Broom & Mop Factory, Inc. searches factories domestically and internationally to offer other high quality products at a good value. This product line availability insures our customers that they can get everything they need from one stop. We purchase in large quantities to insure competitive pricing.

Those products include: sponges, feather dusters, lamb's wool dusters, poly wool dusters, plungers, rags, car wash mitts, chamois, flyswatters, gloves, welder's caps, auto squeegees, trigger sprayers, bottles, dust pans, buckets, wringers, pails, wastebaskets, plastic garbage cans, wet floor signs, scrubbing pads, wood handles, extension handles, caulk, tape, steel wool, tools, blades, and knifes. In tape, we offer everything from: drywall, masking, packaging, electrical, filament, Teflon, freezer, mounting, to duct tape. In caulk, we offer silicone sealants, construction sealants, latex, and fire stop. For more information on caulks and sealants, please go the link listed below then click on Boss. Product information and MSDS sheets are available at this site.
Boss Caulk


Paint Sundries

We have everything thing you need to paint except for paint itself. We are master distributors for Arroworthy, Dynamic, Boss Caulk, Fibatape, Cantech, and many others to insure a complete line of paint sundries from economy grade to top of the line. Sundries offered include: paint brushes, artist brushes, chip brushes, bent radiator brushes, oval sash brushes, angular sash brushes, flat sash brushes, foam brushes, roller covers, roller frames, closed core marine covers and frames, mini rollers and frames, resin rollers, paint trays and liners, paint roller sets, paint pad applicators, handles, extension handles, drop cloths, putty and taping knifes, paint scrapers, dust masks, paint pails, power mixers, sanding sponges and sanding tools, drywall patches and tape, masking tape, caulk, caulking guns, steel wool, and many paint accessories. Please contact us for more information.